The Company

Newton Media is a UK-based business-to-business publisher and event organiser with a strong track record of delivering critical information when the market needs it most.

Our publications and events are always produced to the highest-possible standards, reflecting the exacting needs of our readers and delegates and the equally high quality of our advertisers and sponsors.

We are not an optional platform for our customers, but a real consideration when they are making buying decisions. Our customers like us and what we do for them. Whilst we might not be the biggest, we always try and be the best at what we do.

Our Products

Established in 2004, Newton Media has built a portfolio covering finance, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, online brand management and intellectual property – delivering vital news and information to our readers across both print and digital platforms, as well as events.

All of Newton Media’s print products are aesthetically pleasing and use the highest quality materials. The style of our magazines is fresh and inviting and we ensure that the up-to-date features are well presented and include topical images for a more enjoyable reading experience.

Our Key Brands

World Intellectual Property Review
Life Sciences IP Review
Intelligent Insurer
Bermuda Re+ILS
Captive International
Cayman Funds
Fast Track Careers and Education guides

The Future

Newton Media continues to grow rapidly, expanding its product range with new launches and spin-off titles.

Our team consists of highly experienced and innovative people who all know and understand their markets and customers well. They are passionate about delivering results. Through a close relationship between the editorial, sales and production teams, the company is able to act on opportunities in the market as they arise.